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About Us

Insitu Testing and Drilling Contractors is a group of pragmatic geotechnical and construction materials professionals. At Insitu Testing and Drilling Contractors we are motivated to use our geotechnical engineering capabilities to make a positive impact in society. People’s safety remain at the core of what we do. We are determined to partner with our current and prospective clients on public as well as private infrastructure development and expansion capital projects to ensure enhanced outcomes that add concrete value to such projects in as far as project planning and execution optimization are concerned, whilst simultaneously benefiting the communities within which we all operate. Simply put our business is driven by a purpose to deliver perceptible value.

To consistently strike a balance between quality, excellence and integrity, people’s safety and environmental protection as we deliver the best Geo-technical and associated services to the market place.

To practically de-risk infrastructure development  and expansion projects from inappropriate (and costly) designs, possible cost overruns, delays and internal/ external team disputes by pre-determining the geotechnical conditions and characteristics of ground onto/ into which foundations are to be constructed, utility services (pipes and cable) are to be installed and slopes are to be constructed.

To assist clients with managing risk arising from geotechnical conditions at various stages of a project (e.g., project planning; at tendering stage; at contract formulation stage; during project execution.

To confirm the in situ geotechnical characteristics of mine residue facilities (Tailing Storage Dams, Heap Leach Pads and Waste Dumps), civil infrastructure (pavements, buildings, bridges, airport infrastructure railway structure, municipal services, reservoirs), power plants and general earth dam walls.

All the above is achieved by applying a holistic approach comprising testing the ground (either insitu or in the laboratory), recovering high-quality soil and /or rock samples using our set of probes and rigs, and applying professional judgement based our experiences and intellectual capabilities.